Google reader, improving

Have to say I agree with Michael Arrington on the Google Reader. I tried it once a while back and wasn’t feeling it. Though it is probably worth mentioning, I have a hard time staying with any particular reader for any length of time.

Since then, I’ve come back to it and have noticed Google made some improvements From the Reader page, you can now drop a list to look at entries from specific feeds or within specific labels. Before, when you wanted to see your feeds, either to filter or to edit, you had to click a subscriptions link and wait for the list to load. I’m subscribed to around 130 feeds right now, so it used to take a minute or so to load. The new drop list with the feed names loads quickly.

Overall the application is responsive enough for me to interact with, though my greatest complaint is that it sometimes takes a few hours or more for new feed entries to appear.