Kevin update – 2 interviews and an email

Two interviews today. One from the comfort of my home office, the other in Burlington, MA. AND an email from the company I interviewed with a year ago. (and yes, it’s too long to write “What’s new for Kevin update” for every post. At some point I’ll get to “Kev update” — figured I’d introduce it gradually.)

Interview 1 – Dimdim

Steve Chazin, CMO at Dimdim took an interesting approach to this interview. I met with him and their CTO, Prakash Khot via Dimdim meeting. My task was to deliver a presentation on how I would generate “Huge, rampant, stupendous awareness and buzz!” for Dimdim (what I would do in my first six months.) I intentionally approached the presentation trying to avoid the word-heavy PowerPoint approach I’ve been seeing (and sadly presenting myself) for years. The presentation was mostly images that I talked to. It even gave me a chance to use, with permission, Fred Cavazza’s Social Media Landscape. I won’t give away the details of my strategy, but I wanted to introduce a process and keep it light: 1. Target; 2. Engage; 3. Measure & Refine (iterative process, obviously.) With the goal being happy engaged customers.

We met using Dimdim, which was cool. I’ve been running web meetings for many years. What was great, since my slides weren’t actual PowerPoint files, I generated a PDF of the slides and shared that. Dimdim actually gave me a view of the previous page, the current page, and the next page — while participants only saw the current. If I had known (didn’t practice with that scenario) I could have skipped printing out my cheat sheets to help me keep my speaking organized.

Doing the meeting from home was fun. Wore a dress shirt and tie so it would look more professional over the webcam I was sharing. Took the phone out of my office to avoid any random telemarketer calls (being home during the day I now see how many we get. Pretty sad since I’m on the Federal Do Not Call. I’m sure most of the calls are political so they can get away with it.) Since I knew I had to take the dog out to the woods (to do her “business”) again after the interview, I was still wearing jeans.

I’m particularly proud of the tie – I managed to get my half windsor knot on the first try.

Interview 2 – Mzinga

I did wear the suit for this one.(sorry, didn’t take a picture of it, you’ll have to wait for the next interview.) Ran down to Burlington, MA. I commuted to that area for almost 10 years, so I automatically padded in travel time. No traffic meant I arrived almost an hour early. I camped out at the Starbucks around the corner from Mzinga to catch up on a few emails and finish reviewing my notes for the interview.

Had a few minutes to talk with @alexa before going in to meet with @patrickmoran. Alexa and I met briefly at a Tweet-up back in August, so it was nice to chat a bit more.

Met with Patrick, we ended up talking a bit longer than an hour, but it was a great conversation. Not to butter him up at all, but it was nice talking to another CMO who “gets it” (Steve Chazin fits in that category too). We talked about some of the challenges someone in the Web Director role will face. It was great conversation and I’m looking forward to talking with him more.

And an email

Received an email from the company I had interviewed with a year ago. Without going into specifics, they are interested in talking with me again. I replied to let them know where I stand with the other interviews, but that I’m definitely open to talking. I remember my interviews with them before and they some good people. I wouldn’t mind talking to them again.

Overall great week. Didn’t get my first interview up on Practical Conversations yet, I’ll have to work on it over the weekend.

Have a great weekend!