Being There is Not a Strategy

I had a great opportunity to run a working session at PodCamp NH 2010 this weekend on social media strategy. I presented a few slides for a framework, and then an excellent discussion followed.

Four people volunteered to talk about their goals so we could work on them together.  We had:

  • Tom: Working on an independent film.  Needs to raise awareness to generate interest in his film about the NH Lakes region.
  • Laurie: Experienced author and consultant.  Needs to reach more parents interested in whole health.  Also needs to promote her professional image online.
  • Robert: Working as a hotel consultant.  Needs to raise awareness and drive more business.
  • Sean: Works within an educational institution.  Needs to raise awareness of the expertise of his department’s work both within the institution and outside.

What I found incredibly interesting in the discussion about these challenges is that much of the advice shared was not specific to social media.  Social media gives us great new tools, but it’s important for us to see them just as tools, not as solutions in and of themselves.