Go west young(ish) men (& dog). Yes, we’re moving to San Francisco!

Matt, Garreth, Trinity, & I are moving to San Francisco!

Our goal is to be there for May, though we still have a ton of details to figure out.  We’re hunting for a new place while working to purchase our house of 11 years of accumulated junk.  Our plan is to keep the house in Francestown and rent it out (if you know anyone cool & reliable looking to rent, let me know!)

As you may know, I’ve been working for salesforce.com for over a year now.  When I first joined, it was a 1-year transitional role, so it made sense for me to keep working from NH.  By the end of 2011 I had officially transitioned into a new role as the Data.com Social Media Marketing Manager.  Now it’s become more important for me to physically be working at headquarters in San Francisco (plus it will mean I get to work closely with some pretty amazing people!)  And it’s beautiful! (I took that pic above working on a 7th floor patio at one of our offices there)

I’ll admit thinking about it is overwhelming, though it’s exciting to be shaking things up like this.  I’ll keep you updated as we go through this process!

Please wish us luck as we start a new chapter of our lives with a grand adventure!






4 responses to “Go west young(ish) men (& dog). Yes, we’re moving to San Francisco!”

  1. geechee_girl Avatar

    LOVE THIS. You guys will love SFO. 🙂 

    1. Kevin Micalizzi Avatar

      Thanks Leslie! We’re so nervous/excited! 🙂

  2. Dave Seah Avatar

    We’re going to miss you!

    1. Kevin Micalizzi Avatar

      Thanks Dave, we’re gonna miss you too!