Rebuilding the resume, competencies for web strategy

The tool I’m most frequently asked for in this job hunt is my resume.  Though I haven’t fully decided what’s next for me, continuing in the web strategy space is a reasonable place to keep looking.

My current resume emphasizes technical leadership with less focus on the strategy side.  The result has been many calls for more hardcore web engineering roles, which isn’t the best use of my talents.  To get the right focus, I’m currently going through a number of sites to find key areas of focus.  Here are the posts I went through:

I’m sure there are many resources I’ve missed (and it’s very Forrester focused), if you have any good ones, please let me know.  I started out looking to build a list of competencies, but for the most part Jeremiah Owyang’s three spheres post is a great way to segment and he’s covered the majority.  I’ve started adding notes to each.


  • User experience (UX)/usability — understand the core concepts and how to apply, test, measure
  • information architecture — a large part of my roles since 1997-ish
  • social media skills — typically a more active listener than contributor, but working on it
  • customer support — where I started my career and a person area of focus throughout career
  • community marketing/marketing/product marketing — mostly helped with execution and measurement, though participated in the creation of several campaigns
  • ability to listen and be empathetic — a personal strength


  • Marketing — understand the core concepts and have participated in the definition of campaigns as well as supporting execution
  • advertising — an area requiring more development
  • media — strong understanding
  • management — 8 years experience
  • measurement — understand core concepts and have applied in measuring efforts
  • ability to evangelize internally — a personal mission
  • process management — a personal passion
  • resource management — 8 years experience
  • obtain objectives — developed some, extracted the rest
  • product development/product management — experience in creating customer-facing sites and applications
  • savvy in political maneuvering — develop strong personal network within each organization
  • understand the direction and strategy of the company — central to roles for several years
  • manage external constituents — managed vendors, consultants, etc.


  • Software Development — strong experience
  • Web Development — strong experience
  • Web Architecture — strong experience
  • Industry Trends — always working to keep current
  • experiments with web technology, but understands how to extrapolate and harness a tool — a large part of my passion for the web

My notes on each probably don’t help with my next step — but it’s nice to look at the competencies in relation to how I feel I measure.  Now to start mapping specific experiences to these competencies. More to come soon….






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