taking the plunge, mobile web access

In my post about the BBC story on ‘The rise of technology addiction’, I mentioned I didn’t have access to the web from my phone. Well, now I do.

My wireless carrier was offering a plan that included more minutes and unlimited web access–so I figured I’d try it out. I still don’t have any plans to have email pushed to me — that way I can pull information when I need, but I don’t get pinged for every email that comes through.

I have found myself checking work email even more often — I’m hoping that is just until the novelty of it wears off. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve used and my thoughts:

  • Love Google Maps Mobile, Yelp Mobile, and GMail mobile!
  • I’m not fond of reading my rss feeds with Google Reader mobile, I find it is too difficult to skim though all the feeds I subscribe to, marking several posts as read without taking everyone on the page. I don’t normally click through to read every post that comes through — though it looks like I’d have to with the mobile version.
  • And most importantly, my credit union has a full service mobile interface that I’ve used almost every day
  • Still haven’t had time to play with Flickr and NetFlix mobile, but I’m looking forward to it!

Now my question is, what other services should I be using?