Use your own email address with GMail

I’ve been using GMail as my primary mail client for some time now and have walked a number of people through these steps. For these steps to work, you will need to be able to have your email address (ie. directed to your GMail box (

[Update 9/4/2010: Sorry, in the move to a new hosting provider all the screen shots that should be in this post were lost.]

  1. Log in to GMail
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Accounts
  4. Click Add Another Email Address
  5. Enter your Name and Email Address
  6. Click Send Verification
  7. Verify your email address
  8. (Optional) You can set this email address to be your default within GMail on the Accounts page by clicking make default.
  9. (Optional) You can also change your Reply-To settings to use your default email address or to use whichever one the original email was sent to. I have mine set to use the original.

Hope that helps. Contact me if you have any questions on this.