What’s next for Kevin update – interviews, more unexpected discussions, another opportunity, a new blog, and a non-answer

It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s been 3 weeks since my last ‘What’s next for Kevin’ update. More interesting updates since then. It’s been nice to stay busy while still enjoying the change of seasons and being home with my faithful sidekick.

Autumn is here Trinity resting on porch, soaking some sun


The process with Dimdim for the Web 2.0 Marketing Specialist and Community Manager position continues. I have a follow-up this Friday (10/12) to give a presentation answering one question Steve Chazin, CMO, posed, “How would you help us achieve huge, rampant, stupendous awareness and buzz?” Been working on the presentation since last Thursday, still refining it.

On September 11, John Cass published an interview with me on his PR Communications blog. It’s called “The Interview: Kevin Micalizzi “. Not a job interview, but a great opportunity to talk with John and to be a part of his blog.

Received a call shortly after my last blog update from a recruiter I worked with when I was at Avid Technology . He noticed from a status update I made on LinkedIn that I was looking for work and reached out to me. (I’m using Ping.fm to update my status simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo Pulse, LinkedIn, Bebo, MySpace). He got me an interview Sept. 29th with a Boston-based startup for a web product manager role. I think the interview went well and they have some hot technology, but they were getting ready for a product launch and wanted more time to discuss internally what exactly they need in the role. I hope to hear back from them this week. Here’s a pic of me heading to the interview.

Heading to interview

More Unexpected Discussions

Monday I received a Facebook message from someone I used to work with. He’s with a company I interviewed at almost a year ago. At that time I went through some extensive interviews with them and definitely liked the people. In the end they decided they needed a different skill set than mine for that role. As I understand it, they’ve had some changes to their web team and would like to talk to me again. I’m looking forward to hearing back from them.

Another Opportunity

Last night, I was going through my “tweets” and saw one from @patrickmoran the CMO at Mzinga. They are looking for a Web Director. I met @alexa at my first Tweetup in August, who is at Mzinga, and reached out to her last night. I’m going over my resume today so I can get it to them.

A New Blog

Since leaving Avid back in July I’ve spent a considerable amount of time meeting people online and in person. Most of my connecting / re-connecting has been online and while I’m a lightweight in terms of the how many people I am connected to, I’m seeing firsthand how difficult it can be to stay on top of things. To help me (and of course to help others), I’ve started the Practical Conversations blog. I’m interviewing people who are managing online conversations about ‘how’ they are doing it. I had my first interview on Monday and hope to have it posted within a few days. If you know anyone who has a great system for managing online conversations, give them my contact info or have them get in touch with me –I’d like to talk to them.

A Non-Answer

When I first started blogging about What’s next for Kevin , I had questions I felt needed to be answered:

Should I go after another web strategy role? make the move to product management for an online product/service? is there something I haven’t thought of yet?

As I’ve spent more time in this process, I’ve decided to continue avoiding answering them. I’m finding interesting jobs in a number of areas. Since the web is constantly being refined, I’m going to take that approach myself. Instead of limiting myself from the start, I want to remain flexible to find the right opportunity more than the right title.







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