Be real, be brief on Twitter (just ask Sean Bohan)

I’ve been extremely behind on my blog reading and started to catch up tonight.  One post that caught my attention was from Sean Bohan, My 11 Twitter Guidelines.  There’s plenty of Twitter advice out there, but few who boil it down to the essentials like Sean did.  All 11 recommendations are good, but two really stand out for me:


  • Be humanTwitter
  • Make your tweets inherently “retweetable”.


It’s important to be human (or “real”), but worth noting that doesn’t mean the world needs to know you’re going out for brunch.  That’s why I keep my @kevinmic and @dimdim lives separate.  I assume people following @dimdim are there because they are interested in web conferencing, webinars, elearning, etc.  People following @kevinmic are subject to my scattered interests.

After reading Sean’s post, I realized I’ve started to look at my tweets from the perspective of “is this retweetable?”  But, I was only taking that approach with the tweets I wanted retweeted.  A few hours before reading these tips, I had someone prove the point — they retweeted a tweet I thought no one would want to tweet.

Thanks to Sean for this great advice!







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    Sean Bohan

    just noticed this and wanted to say, THANKS

    – Sean Bohan