Kev’s Rules–3 Rules for Online Community Engagement

For the September, 2009 Social Media Breakfast NH (#smbnh) at the Manchester, NH Public Library I gave this talk about my rules for community.  I call it ‘Kev’s Rules for Community’.

I try to live these rules every day–whether I’m engaging online via twitter, blogs, or any other tools.  The rules are simple:

  1. Be Real (don’t be a bot)
  2. Address the Need (not just the explicit ones)
  3. Be the Gatekeeper (never be the roadblock)

These rules are part of a project I’m working on to get the Dimdim support team on Twitter, directly engaging with customers.  My goal was to go beyond just teaching the tools.  Anyone can create a Twitter account and jump into the conversation.  I wanted to make sure we are consistent in our approach.

I personally have a hard time following rules if there are too many to remember.  What are your rules?  Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@kevinmic)


[Special thanks to Matt Turner (@onmatt, for helping to pull all the examples together for this talk, and Leslie Poston (@geechee_girl, for the opportunity to speak.  I do so love to talk.]