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Go west young(ish) men (& dog). Yes, we’re moving to San Francisco!

Matt, Garreth, Trinity, & I are moving to San Francisco! Our goal is to be there for May, though we still have a ton of details to figure out.  We’re hunting for a new place while working to purchase our … Continue reading

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Navigating the social media currents, together in NH

When working with any emerging approaches to business (and technologies), understanding what’s working for people and where things are going is a constant challenge. There are self-professed experts willing to sell you a “package solution” to get you up to … Continue reading

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A lot of thanks, and a little gobble gobble

Well, it’s Thanksgiving morning, 2009.  Heading out in a few to spend the day with family, but I wanted to take a minute to say Thanks! Just before last Thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to start a new job.  Thanks … Continue reading

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Tips for getting your social media job application process off to a good start.

As someone reviewing resumes for a Social Media & Web Marketing Specialist position, I’d like to share some tips.  In the first 48 hours I had about 100 people email me.  I’m guessing other employers are having similar experiences.  Some … Continue reading

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Please send cash (just quarters)

This summer at a family reunion we started our nephew from Germany on the path of collecting all the US state quarters. It’s a great way to learn about the 50 US states and he was excited to get started. … Continue reading

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Best birthday yet! Two job offers and many good wishes.

Last Friday, October 31st, was my 37th birthday. It turned out to be my best birthday yet! Two offers The night before my birthday, I received another job offer. This means I started the day with two offers in hand, … Continue reading

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Kevin-up: some waiting (for good news?), more Practical Conversations, and more tweetups and parties

I held off on putting this post together, hoping to have some concrete updates for you, but I can’t wait any longer. Been some beautiful days in the past two weeks, but we’ve also had a real frost – feels … Continue reading

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Kev’s update – another interview, Practical Conversations launch, and upcoming events

[Update 6/29/2013: retired] I was talking to my better half last night and I had to admit I’m loving the job hunt process. It’s been an excuse to meet incredible people, no idea why I hadn’t been getting out … Continue reading

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Kevin update – 2 interviews and an email

Two interviews today. One from the comfort of my home office, the other in Burlington, MA. AND an email from the company I interviewed with a year ago. (and yes, it’s too long to write “What’s new for Kevin update” … Continue reading

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What’s next for Kevin – another interview scheduled, an attempted poach, and a rejection

Since yesterday’s post, I have another interview scheduled an odd email and one rejection. Another interview scheduled I’m heading down to Burlington, MA tomorrow to meet with @patrickmoran at Mzinga. Very cool to have a chance to sit down with … Continue reading

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